And one old picture.
 We have a holidays but the weather is horrible. It's raining and it's only 15 degrees. So now I'm sitting at home, watch movies and  read a books. Honestly i even don't want to go for the sales. I know it's strange :) For 12 days I'm flying to Dublin, I'm so excited but I've no idea what to bring, because the weather is strange. So I have to think about it and buy this what i don't have yet.

At last friday i went to the cinema with my friend Maria. We saw  " Transformers. Dark  of  the moon" I think that this movie was great but too long and I didn't saw a special effects beacuse I'm wear a glasses. But Maria said that it was good, so I belive her. If you haven't seen it I recommend.

Blouse, Pants: Zara / Sweater : Reserved / Jacket: Pull&Bear / Shoes: TK&Maxx / Rings: H&M / Bag: Vintage

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